The Wadsworth High School  Alumni Association would like to offer a service to the alumni and others who might need direction and information about their field of work but have no one to whom to turn.

By clicking on the link below, you’ll see¬†listed as many occupations as we could find. If you have been involved with one or more of these occupations and would be willing to have someone contact you about them, please put your name and how you would prefer to be reached- phone, email, or letter. Please include your phone number, email address or home address by your name. We will publish the list through the Alumni NEWSLETTER and, possibly, in the newspapers and/or on WCTV. If you have a skill that is not listed, please list it and we will publish it.

We would be most grateful for your willingness to share your expertise.
Keep your message brief, friendly, and to the point.

Link to job list


Please Contact Bill Neiser at 330-336 7476

or Caesar Carino at

524 Broad Street Wadsworth, Ohio 44281, Phone: 330-962-4843, Email: